Bbc one
Key to learning Find a teacher or mentor The creative touch
  • Open up your options - anything is possible.
  • Build on your strengths.
  • Decide on a plan of action.
  • Who inspires you.
  • Offers constructive criticism.
  • Helps you focus your learning.
  • Keep asking questions - until you're sure you understand.
  • Experiment with different approaches.
  • Make notes of what you did.
  • Compare the results - and try again.
Techno tips Dealing with failure Learn how to
  • Break procedures down into simple steps.
  • Write instructions in your own words.
  • Get used to checking, testing and problem - solving.
  • Be realistic - for every winner there's a loser.
  • Always be positive not negative.
  • Identify mistakes - and learn from them.
  • Keep going - visualise success.
  • Don't panic - take your time.
  • Go back to basics.
  • Follow precise instructions.
  • Be super - observant.
  • Interpret data.
  • Recognize patterns.
Faster reading Research tactics Group learning lets you
  • Explore contents and index pages first.
  • Find and reread crucial pages.
  • Make concise notes in your own words.
  • Make notes memorable - highlight keywords and ideas.
  • Keep a record of books read (Bibliography).
  • List what you know already.
  • List the questions you want answers to.
  • Be prepared to bark up a few wrong trees.
  • Explain what you've learned.
  • Get insights and ideas from others.
  • Share opinions and feelings.
  • Learn to interact in a group.
  • Ask for feedback - and make sure you use it.
  • Banish your inhibitions - play the part.
  • Be critical but positive - the magic combination.
  • Beat one challenge then find another.
  • Take risks - don't worry about mistakes.

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