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W1A is a British comedy television series that was first broadcast on BBC Two on 19 March 2014, created by John Morton. The series is the follow-up to Twenty Twelve, a BAFTA-winning comedy series by the BBC about the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Its name comes from the postcode prefix of the BBC's headquarters, Broadcasting House (W1A 1AA), and sees the reprisal of Hugh Bonneville and Jessica Hynes as their Twenty Twelve characters, alongside a new cast, with David Tennant's role as narrator also continuing from the earlier series.

The first series began on the 19 March, concluding on the 9 April 2014. A second series was announced later in 2014 which launched on 23 April 2015 with a one-hour special. On 14 May 2015 quoted series writer John Morton as having "high hopes of another series" to perhaps air in Spring 2016, despite no formal commission having yet been made. According to Morton, the likely focus of that series would be the renewal of the BBC charter.

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