Hi All,

What path is this wikia meant to be taking?

It is defined on the Main Page as a Fan based wiki yet some of the current editors seem to be adding information from Wikipedia are we sure this is the right path and does it not break the definition of being a fan based wiki, not sure what the point is of echoing Wikipedia.

Must pages seem to be a loading page to fan made wikias of BBC programmes so the question is would it not just be better to create a loading page with a link to Wikipedia, if no fan made wikia is available?

I hope the editors are happy with my current edits and the greater integration of the category system into the pages of this wikia.

I wish to thank User:Thokul for unlocking the main page and hope all editors are happy with the changes I have made to the mainpage.

Ref: The Featured Tempate

  • I updated Featured Tempate with Radio Times RSS Feed for now as it not my place to chose what should be the featured programme, once we get a number of active editors we could start a forum to select a featured show and the length of time the show should be Featured (Weekly, Monthly) as this is what the template was designed for.

Look forward to your feedback, Thanks for taking the time to read, Robcamstone (talk) 13:13, January 5, 2015 (UTC)

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