When I adopted this wikia everything was loud and going on, now myself and a few other new posters have settled down, everythings gone quiet...

Here's some news in brief from the last few months:

  • We now have 24 articles, but many of these are stubs. 50 pages by September would be great.
  • We have a new look front page, thanks to seatinginthedark for that, but due to others reversing important changes, I've had to lock that page so only myself, the wikia bot and anyone else who becomes an admin can edit it.
  • Finally, I would like to make some more solid links with other wikias, primarily the CBBC one. It says it's our 'sister' wikia on the home page but a more complete connection would be good. I'll be ocntacting the admin about that today.

Thanks for all your contributions,


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