This is an Episode from the Mr Blobby Video (1993)


Mr Blobby comes over to Garth Crooks who is holding a red ball. Mr Blobby learns from Garth that he's playing football. Mr Blobby decides to learn how to play Football. Garth asks him to kick the ball Mr Blobby tries to kick the ball but trips falling to the ground and ball. Mr Blobby gets up from the ground and the nearly flat ball which leads to Garth to laughing. Later Garth got a orange ball and Mr Blobby was ready this time he kicks the ball into the goal net but falls on the net collapsing it.

This causes Garth break down laughing while the Crewmen fixing the goal net and helped Mr Blobby up. Garth then Kicks the ball to Mr Blobby who's is posing as a goal keeper but he dodges and falls on the other end of the net collapsing it again. Garth then goes over to the set light laughing while the Crewmen Fix the net again, The Director tells Mr Blobby that the acting is good but he's wrecking the set. Mr Blobby then scores a goal, Garth tells him that the game of Football have teams and asks him How many boys and girls are in each teams.

Mr Blobby answers him that is 11, Garth tells him is correct. Later Mr Blobby is dribbling the ball around the flagpoles when Garth picks up the ball He accidentally makes the net collapse. After the crewmen fix the net, Garth tells Mr Blobby that a player can tackle one player to take the ball away from the player. He tackles Mr Blobby who falls to the ground, Garth then breaks out laughing after Mr Blobby opens up his head to reveal Noel Edmonds who comments the tackle was terrible and asks to get the referee. Then The Football announcers John Motson and Blob Wilson comments about Mr Blobby's time of Football with Garth Crooks but not on the pitch. But they prefer Mr Blobby's time on Ballet with Wayne Sleep.

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