Mr Blobby In The Kitchen With Hudson & Hall06:39

Mr Blobby In The Kitchen With Hudson & Hall

This is an episode from the Mr Blobby Video (1993)


Mr Blobby is very excited because he allowed in the kitchen with his visitors Hudson and Halls, who are going to teach him how to Cook. The Three foods that they are going to make to teach him is a savoury tuna boat, a desert called bunnies on the lawn and a frozen yoghurt with cherry sauce and cream. Hudson cuts out the inside of the bread rolls which Mr Blobby tries to eat one of them but Hudson prevents him to do so. As all three are making the mixture to go in the bread rolls. Mr Blobby gets the eggs One for Halls and one for himself.

After Halls brings the plate of bread rolls to put the mixture in Mr Blobby eats one of the bread rolls, Leaving Hudson and Halls mad because they failed to prevent him to eat the bread roll. Next, They are now Making Bunnies on the lawn. Hudson has green jelly to represent the grass, the cloves for its eye and the marshmallow for its tail. Hudson succeeds to prevent Mr Blobby to eat the unfinished desert. Later, They are now making Frozen Yoghurt with berry sauce and cream. Mr Blobby then squeezes the cherrys in the bowl with a cooking spoon and a Sieve.

He goes to fast and nearly spills the mixture on the table. Mr Blobby then throw the mixture on the floor with the sieve, leaving Hudsons and Halls disgusted and nearly laughing, Hudson tells the viewers Don't try this at home because you have to clean it all up. When Mr Blobby throw the cooking spoon to Hudson He threatens to him that he be going outside. Mr Blobby then goes mad and shaking Hudson, He gets the point he tells Mr Blobby to get the squiogy cream or He be leaving the set. Mr Blobby then sprays the cream in the mixture and gives them both and good punch up and Hudson calms him down. Halls then puts in the cream around the yoghurt, then he spreads them around with a skewer and puts on a frozen yoghurt on the plate. Mr Blobby puts on a spillful of cream and spreads it around with a skewer knocking and battering the frozen yoghurt when he's done he throws the yoghurt aside. Later, Hudson and Halls were sitting at the dining table with Mr Blobby serving the Savoury Tuna boats but spills them on Halls who is disgusted, Mr Blobby then successfully serves the frozen yoghurts on the table which leads them to be impressed.

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