This is an episode from the Mr. Blobby VHS (1993).


Mr Blobby is at the Harlequin Centre in Watford (Everyone goes there to go shopping on Saturday) Mr Blobby tries on some trainers but they don't fit, The Shopkeeper shows him a bigger size and Mr Blobby buys them. Mr Blobby saw a red Hawaiian shirt and purchases it with some sunglasses. Since he will be going on holiday soon, He needs to have his picture taken in the passport booth, He saw the photos printed out and takes them. He goes to Toy Stack to but himself a new bucket and spade He then buys a Fire Extinguisher Bucket and shakes out the sand papers.

He then goes to ASDA after a struggle with the gate he takes a trolley and bumps into some corn flakes where a Manager runs over to a nearby stand. He picks up a orange which causes the stand to collapse spilling oranges over the floor he weighs it and it at 4kg. He weighs another fruit but with the same, He then weighs himself with the measure still a 4kg. He goes over to the Bread stand where the Manager follows him. He picks up a baguette which he uses as a guitar, a orchestra needle, a trumpet, a old man's cane and a cricket bat where a boy throws a bun as a ball. He gets another baguette and snaps it in half to make it fit in the trolley.

He rides on the trolley and buys some items, when he arrived at the checkout he puts on a conveyor belt some frozen peas, cereal, milk and the baguette (which these lot have been damaged). The manager informs Mr Blobby that he is the 1 millionth customer which all the items cost him nothing. Mr Blobby takes the bags and runs out and the Manager doesn't mind the mess.

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