This is the first Episode from Mr Blobby (1993).


Mr Blobby comes over to Wayne Sleep who is practising ballet. Wayne Sleep tells him that he doing ballet and decides that he teach him. The First step of ballet is bend your knees and keep your back straight (whilst Wayne teaches him the step, Mr Blobby does some raspberry noises while bending his knees). The second step is pirouette which results of Mr Blobby falling over with Wayne trying to catch his fall and the left leg almost come off with Wayne to pull it back on.

Later after a crewman Pulled the leg back on. The Third step is the jump. Wayne encourages Mr Blobby to try that step again But declines it. Mr Blobby learns from Wayne that one of the famous ballets is Swan Lake, but never knows it. Later Mr Blobby in the tutu skirt, Wayne Sleep and the Female Ballet dancers dance from famous scene, Which results of Mr Blobby falling on a fake lake and knocking down a Bush prop. After the Crewmen helped Mr Blobby up, Wayne tells the story about Swan Lake. Mr Blobby then opens up his head to reveal Noel Edmonds, when Wayne turns around, He bursts out laughing. Noel gives Wayne the Gotcha (which is blurred) and tells him there's no such man as Mr Blobby Wayne thought it was a complex. But when he realises it he jokingly chases him off with the Gotcha.


On the 1993 UK VHS Release, The Gotcha is cut out.