Mr Blobby Keeps Fit09:03

Mr Blobby Keeps Fit

This is a Mr. Blobby episode from the Mr. Blobby Video (1993).


Mr. Blobby comes out of the car park under the gym. After gets knocked by Automatic doors Mr. Blobby then sees the Receptionist and cannot get through the turnstile gate. Mr Blobby then see a Girl scanning her card and go through the gate. Mr. Blobby tries the climb over the gate but the Security Guard Pulls him down and Mr. Blobby asks the receptionist for a card and the Security Guard lets him through the other gate. Mr. Blobby did some warm-up exercise with a female instructor and a man pulls his leg, but Mr. Blobby then decides to escape but the same Guard pushes him back in. Mr. Blobby then tries to do some yoga exercise but then knocks down the other athletes. Mr. Blobby did some weight lifting and a Slender Man gets another weight discs to reveal the chocolate underneath it.

Mr Blobby then takes the chocolate and runs off. He was a best player of badminton and then jumps over the net. Mr. Blobby then tries the Heart Rate Monitor but gets worried but a female Athlete turns on the monitor and Mr. Blobby touches the handles and the monitors beeps, Mr. Blobby has got a good heart rate. Mr. Blobby then pulls weight but then overpulls and flies off the seat. Mr. Blobby joins the school for an annual game of Football and Mr. Blobby then falls asleep but when a student kicks the ball, it hit Mr. Blobby and the other Students praise him. Mr Blobby the did another triumph by kicking the ball to the net and being praised by other students. Mr. Blobby goes inside a Sauna Room. Later, Melted Pink and yellow blobs go through the door, The same Slender man sees this and opens the door to reveal that Mr. Blobby has shrunken and overdone it with the steam again.


Goof: After Mr. Blobby overdone it with the steam, His eyes and bow tie are light blue.

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