Most Annoying People 2011
BBC Most Annoying People 2011
Channel BBC Three
Show Most Annoying People
Run time 180 minutes
First 26–27 December 2011
Narrator Richard Bacon
Episodes: Most Annoying 2006
Most Annoying 2007
Most Annoying 2008
Most Annoying 2009
Most Annoying 2010
Most Annoying 2011

Most Annoying People of 2011 refers to the 2011 edition of BBC Three's Television series Most Annoying People.

It was originally broadcast on BBC Three on 26–27 December 2011 and narrated by Richard Bacon. The winner of the title of "Most annoying people of 2011" was 2011 England Riots.

The list Edit

  • 20: Charlie Gilmour (For his behaviour in the 2010 UK student protests)
  • 19: Justin Bieber (For being famous and making a film, selling a perfume and releasing a Christmas album.)
  • 18: Kim Kardashian (Not being famous for anything and having a 72 day marriage.)
  • 17: Lady Gaga (Copying Madonna and being annoying.)
  • 16: Carlyon Bourne (Sending an e-mail on manners to Heidi Withers. )
  • 15: Kate Moss (For smoking on the catwalk and shutting down an entire village for a wedding. )
  • 14: John Galliano (Saying racist rants to Jews. )
  • 13: Linsey Lohan (For stealing a necklace and not paying a limousine bill.)
  • 12: Katie Price (Still being famous, dumping her boyfriend over a lack of sex & launching her own magazine. )
  • 11: Jedward (For becoming famous and entering Eurovision and Celebrity Big Brother.)

Top 10:Edit

  • 10: Geordie Shore (Trying to be like The Only Way Is Essex and their behaviour during the show.)
  • 9: Darryn Lyons (Unveiling his cosmetically altered 'sixpack' on Celebrity Big Brother.)
  • 8: Muazzam Muneeb (demagh ki lassi and non-stop FM)
  • 7: Wayne Rooney (Having a hair transplant and asking a Twitter user to have a fight after training)
  • 6: Pippa Middleton (The publicity of her bottom and how she upstaged her sister during her wedding.)
  • 5: Charlie Sheen (His summer meltdown.)
  • 4: Ashley Cole (Shooting a work experience student with an air rifle.)
  • 3: Superinjunctions
  • 2: News Of The World (The phone hacking scandal.)
  • 1: 2011 England Riots

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