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Jim'll Fix It was a long-running British television show, broadcast by the BBC between May 1975 and June 1994. It was devised and presented by Jimmy Savile and produced by Roger Ordish and encouraged children to write in to have their wishes granted.

The Jimmy Savile investigation report

Content warning: Please note, the documents below include some graphic evidence and descriptions of sexual assault which some readers may find distressing.

{{#NewWindowLink: Janet Smith review}} on the BBC Trust website
Full report Chapter 5 - Savile's private life and sexual activities
Table of Contents Chapter 6 - Material in the public domain
Conclusions - The questions answered and the lessons learned Chapter 7 - Rumours, stories and jokes
Summary Chapter 8 - Media reports alleging that the BBC knew of Savile's misconduct but had failed to act
Chapter 1 - Setting up the review Chapter 9 - Top of the Pops
Chapter 2 - The BBC - History, ethos and management culture Chapter 10 - Awareness of Savile's sexual misconduct within the Jim'll Fix It team
Chapter 3 - Changing attitudes and sexual mores Chapter 11 - Awareness within BBC Radio 1 and the BBC Radio Religious Broadcasting Department
Chapter 4 - Savile - His career - Perceptions of him in the BBC Appendices
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