Bbc two
Sitcom about a former television presenter searching for something more meaningful to do in life.

– BBC Two, {{#NewWindowLink:'s House}}

Series 1

  1. The Day Simon Told His Family About His Important Decision (9 Aug. 2010)
  2. The Day Simon Decided It Might Be a Nice Idea to Surprise His Mother with a Gift (16 Aug. 2010)
  3. The Day Simon Announced That He Was in Control of the Universe (23 Aug. 2010)
  4. The Day Simon Decided He Was Forlorn (30 Aug. 2010)
  5. The Day Simon Felt the Family Was Ready to Be Healed (6 Sep. 2010)
  6. The Day Simon Finally Found the Strength to Accept That His Mother Was Getting Married (13 Sep. 2010)

Series 2

  1. The Day Simon Officially Became a Very Good and Totally Employable Actor (19 Apr. 2012)
  2. the Day Simon Thought It May be a Good Idea to Find New Living Arrangemants (26 Apr. 2012)
  3. The Day Simon Decided to Express Actual Feelings Just Like a Person (3 May 2012)
  4. The Day Simon was Really Determined to Heal His Grandma's Pain (10 May 2012)
  5. The Day Simon Found Himself Back on the Path to Fulfilment and Joy (17 May 2012)
  6. The Day Simon and his Family Opened the Door to Acceptance (24 May 2012)

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