DIY with Mr Blobby is seen on the Mr Blobby Video (1993).


Noel Edmonds visits Mr Blobby who needs help with his DIY around his house. Noel Edmond shows him the skill of wallpapering after having results of Mr Blobby falling off the ladder and putting patse of the front (Noel tells him is usual to patse the back), After Mr Blobby put some wallpapers on a bit badly with Noel Edmond is covered by one wallpaper Mr Blobby pulls the wallpaper to free him. Noel tells him to pop every air bubble with a pin which results of having patse spitting onto his face. After They Finished the room as they leave to fix the problem in the kitchen Wallpapers peel off leaving only one remaining.

Noel Edmonds tells him that a blocked Kitchen sink can be handled whilst working on the pipe Mr Blobby pulls out a can-opener, a piece of broccoli and a eaten fish, Mr Blobby foolishly pours water down the drain which ends up on Noel Edmonds. Later, Noel Edmonds sees the instruction of building your own garden shed and tells him to hand over the rake so he can start the clean the garden in a hour. Noel and Mr Blobby get parts of the garden shed and start building the shed.

Mr Blobby hits his hand with the hammer, In pain, He runs off, leaving Noel to finish the shed, the roof and the window (Mr Blobby comes back shortly with a bandaged hand when Noel is about the build the windows). Mr Blobby brings over the bucket of paint (which contains yellow and pink blobs) and paints the shed entirely. After looking at the finished shed Noel and Mr Blobby went back into the house unaware as the shed collapsed, Mr Blobby thanks Noel for showing his DIY skills around the house but he didn't have Noel's phone number. After Noel left and Mr Blobby closing the door, The Wallpaper fell to the ground, The Part of the shed falling to the ground and the Kitchen tap is left on flooding the kitchen.