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Citizen Smith was a British Comedy television programme written by the late John Sullivan and starring Robert Lindsay.

It launched itself with a Pilot episode for Comedy Special on the BBC which had the same name as the programme. Following the success of the Pilot, four series and a Christmas Special was produced by the BBC from 1977 to 1980. The show features a character called 'Wolfie' Smith and the Tooting Popular Front (TPF) who want to give 'Power to the People' and 'Freedom for Tooting'. However the TPF is actually a group of his friends; 'Wolfie' is really an unemployed dreamer and petty criminal, whose plans fall through due to lack of organisation.


The main characters "Wolfie" (Robert Lindsay), an unemployed dreamer; Ken (Mike Grady), who changes religion almost constantly; Shirley (Cheryl Hall), "Wolfie's" girlfriend in Series 1 and 2; Florence (Hilda Braid), Shirley's mum and wife to Charles; Charles (Artro Morris/Peter Vaughan/Tony Steedman), Shirley's dad and husband to Florence, dislikes "Wolfie"; Tucker (Tony Millan) and Speed (George Sweeney), are two of "Wolfie's" friends and members of the TPF. The show is set to be released as a box set in 2011, and it is not set to be shown on the BBC or any other channel in the near future.