The following CSS is need to style the link colours for the channel Headers

/* Start of BBC One Link Colours */

.BBC_One a:link,
.BBC_One a:visited {
	color: #fcdb79;
.BBC_One a:hover,
.BBC_One a:focus,
.BBC_One a:active {
	color: #f7e4aa;

/* End of BBC One Link Colours */

.BBC_Two a:link,
/* Start of BBC Two Link Colours */
.BBC_Two a:visited {
	color: lightgray;
.BBC_Two a:hover,
.BBC_Two a:focus,
.BBC_Two a:active {
	color: white;

/* End of BBC Two Link Colours */

NOTE: The link colours for BBC Three and BBC Four are the same as BBC Two so we can just use <div class="BBC_Two"></div> to style them as well.

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