Lena Zavaroni has a fan made wikia: Fanz of Lena Zavaroni

Lena Zavaroni (November 4, 1963 - October 1, 1999)

She was a singer who came to the public's attention in 1974 when see appeared on Opportunity Knocks which she won five times.

She went on to have her own TV shows the first was called Lena Zavaroni and Music which ran for one season and was made up of six episodes, This was followed by three seasons of her show now called Lena this ran for three seasons and again each season was made up of six episodes.

She also travelled the world in her own shows and released 7 LPs and a number of singles.

But behind the scenes Lena Zavaroni had a life long fight with her demons, which came out as anorexia from the age of 13 to 15, this then became clinical depression which lasted the rest of her life.

Category for all BBC programmes Lena Zavaroni has contributed to.

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