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CBBC (standing for Children's BBC) is a long running children's channel which broadcasts television programs for children to enjoy. It follows BBC Three. CBeebies is a similar block, but for younger children.

Programme ListingsEdit

For a more detailed listing and information on CBBC programmes visit the CBBC Wikia!

Channel cbbc and Citv-logo Wikia
ArthurBasil BrushBernard's watchChuckleVisionDemon HeadmasterDani's HouseFreefonixGrange HillHorrible HistoriesJeopardykerchingLeonardoMona the VampireM.I.HighMy Parents are aliens Worst WitchRugratsRecessSadie JS Club 7Scooby DooTracy BeakerThe WeekendersWolfblood Wizards of Waverly PlaceWingin' ItWizards vs AliensYoung Dracula

Full lists of show with their own wikis: CBBC Shows, CITV Shows

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