BBC One and Two has septate nations and regions. Here are the local news teams.

Map uk regions

This Map shows the TV region news. Note the information here is not exactly right

BBC News Local News

  • BBC London (L)
  • BBC South East Today (Not Shown on map)
  • BBC Newsroom south east (REPLACED)
  • BBC Look East (LE)
  • BBC Oxford (OX)
  • BBC Points West (PW)
  • BBC Spotlight (SW)
  • BBC Look North Yorkshire (LN Y)
  • BBC Look North Hull (LNH)
  • BBC Look North Yorkshire and Lincolnshire (Not shown in the map)
  • BBC Midlands Today (MT)
  • Reporting Scotland (RS)
  • BBC South Today (ST)
  • BBC Channel Islands News (Black Box)

BBC Two Countries

  • BBC Two England
  • BBC Two Scotland
  • BBC Two Wales
  • BBC Two NI (Northern Ireland in 2007- Present)

Sky Numbers

Sky has different Channel Numbers.To View them..

  1. Go to TV Guide
  2. Chose entertainment bar
  3. Scroll Down way down and now you in BBC Two NI!
  4. Scroll Up to view more BBC One\Two regions

Ireland Sky scan channels. That Mefored don't work

BBC An La\Newwydion and Newsnight Scotland

BBC has BBC Scotland for Garlic Aduance, Newwydion for Welsh News. Aslo Newsnight has Scotland News while England, Wales and NI have regular Newsnight